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We are one of the leading Grease management firms in the south east of England, we supply our clients with a range of grease management techniques to make sure they are always in the best condition. Regardless of how your company is set up we deal with a range of commercial and domestic grease traps of all sizes.

Service/Maintenance – It is key to keep Grease traps annually serviced as grease, fats and oils can all enter your drainage system and end up causing a blockage and a much larger problem in your drainage system, however an annual visit from one of our highly experienced engineers will prevent this from happening.

Our engineers are fully qualified to be dealing with a range of grease traps with over 10 years’ experience with them

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Convert water have vast experience in both petrol interceptors and gully emptying, These are one of the key components for the drainage system as blocked gullies can prevent the waste water from flowing correctly.

Maintenance – We at Convert water offer annual gully emptying and cleaning to make sure the silt and waste does not build up and cause a major blockage down the line.

We also offer maintenance on petrol interceptors to make sure the oil does not get too big so we have tankers that can collect the contaminated waste and drop it off securely. Maintaining a petrol interceptor is key as the oil can cause huge problems to the drainage system.

Repairs – There is some cases where rain water will prove too much for the gullies and petrol interceptors and they will start to flood, Due to our large fleet of tankers and mini tankers we are able to get on site 24/7 to empty and take the excess water and waste away from the site.

Convert water are also able to carry out repairs and maintenance to Soakaways, with our tankers and experience we are able to give you a full breakdown of what has been done on the site.

Please get in touch if you would be interested in hiring one of our tankers for the above.

With over 40+ years industry experience in sewage treatment plants and septic tanks convert water are known as one of the leading firms in this sector.

Maintenance - At Convert Water we arrange annual services to the sewage treatment plants and septic tanks to keep them in the best possible condition. We have a large fleet of tankers of all sizes so even houses with little access we are still able to complete the service.

Septic tanks are normally in more rural areas meaning they are not connected to the main sewer network, this means that thy require regular emptying and cleaning to make sure they are running at their optimal level.

Sewage Treatment plants are predominately connected to the main sewer server meaning they will hold more sewage which out larger tankers are able to deal with. Sewage treatment plants should be looked after consistently as this can have a real large effect on the waste water drainage.

Repairs- If there is a repair needed for this we would be able to get a tanker to site and take out all of the sewage, once that has been done then our qualified engineers will be able to work on the septic tanks and find the resolution to the problem.

Please feel free to get a free quotation from Convert Water!

Convert water are one of the leading tanking and drainage firms through the south east of England and one of our specialities being in sewage clearances.

Repairs – Sewer clearances is mainly a reactive maintenance with our 24/7 response team always on hand to complete the jobs. We have a range of engineers and tankers who have experience in jetting lines, unblocking systems and emptying the sewage. Our tankers are equipped with high pressured water systems to be able to jet a System to remove and silt and debris from the line. We can also recover and vacuum any waste water, drilling slurry and effluent materials in our tankers. 

We work with commercial and domestic clients on the sewer clearance side including care homes and blocks of flats.

Sewer blockages can be caused by a range of circumstances Whether it’s due to a build-up of sludge, or due to heavy rain and flooding. A blocked sewer can pose a high risk to your home or commercial building. Which is why it is key to get it sorted as soon as possible.

This is mainly a reactive repair but we can try and keep this maintained too, if we are able to come annually to clean and empty the sewers then this will mean the flooding of sewers will happen less recently.

Please give us a call or get in touch if you are interested in this service!

Convert Water specialise in dealing with pumping stations due to our fleet of engineers that we have available with over 30 years’ experience on the pump side.

Service/maintenance – We suggest for all of our clients that they should be having annual checks of the pumps and pumping system to make sure that there are no problems that will cause major impacts on the drainage system. Better to be safe than sorry!

Repairs – Convert water are able to offer 24/7 repairs towards the pumping stations as we know how vital the pumping system is. On a repair we aim to get there the same day to cause less stress for the client.

All our confined space engineers are fully trained and fully qualified. Safety is always at the top of our priority this is why we have sent our engineers on extensive courses. Feel free to get in touch for a free site visit to your pumps to make sure they are running correctly!

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